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We are experts at tile work, refinishing and decking repairs Don't trust this important work to just anyone, please give us an interview and pool refinishing pool remodeling in Orlando
Orlando pool renovation allow us to provide you with a Free Estimate for the work you may need.
pool remodeling pool renovation Orlando
You can count on All-Pool for any remodeling or renovation project that you are considering for your pool.
We have worked on 1000's of pools across the Orlando area over the past 40 years. That gives us an edge when it comes to the experience that will deliver the peace of mind you want. From a major project to a small pool repair or regular pool cleaning service, we are the best Orlando area choice.
The photos at right are all real jobs completed by All-Pool involving new tile, deck work and pool repair and refinishing.
pool repairs in Orlando

Pool Remodeling / Pool Refinishing

Our expert pool remodeling craftsmen, masons and designers can provide you with the pool renovation that you've really wanted. Add a built-in spa, make your pool bigger, repair decking or refinish the pool surface with one of our beautiful coating choices. Today's strong, vibrant colors allow you to change the entire look of your poolscape and add many years of life to your pool structure. Pool improvements are one of the best investments when it comes to adding and retaining value to your home. Call today for a Free Estimate - you may be pleasantly surprised by our fair and reasonable pricing for Pool Renovation.

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We Offer A Wide Selection of Pool Refinishing Materials


Conventional pool plaster is generally composed of ground marble, dolomite or other limestone material and cement. It may contain whiteners, trowelling agents, polymer modifiers and silica sand. White is the most common color although pigments may be used to color the plaster. Conventional plasters are trowel applied to a smooth finish leaving the cement paste and fines on the surface.

Quartz Finishes

Quartz finishes contain natural and artificial quartz aggregates, cement and modifiers. The aggregate sizes are smaller than pebble finishes and produce a smoother texture. They are available in a variety of colors and textures and are the most widely used.
Advantages - Quartz finishes are highly durable and comfortable. They can be used above the waterline and are approved in most commercial applications. The non-slip feel adds a degree of safety in commercial and recreational installations. Variegated appearance covers minor imperfections. Colored aggregates add color to water.

Polished EAPF can be identical in composition to pebble and quartz EAPF but may also contain marble as an aggregate. The application is the same with the addition of an extra step at the end. Polishing equipment is used to sand and buff the surface to a smooth feel after the exposure.
Advantages - The smooth texture is very comfortable and creates a luxurious feel. Minor imperfections caused during trowelling or exposure are removed during polishing process. Polished pebble and quartz EAPF are highly durable.



Rounded, smaller color particles create vivid, unexpected color. The more comfortable, smaller stones create a much smoother surface than competing large-particle aggregate finishes. SunStone Select can be your answer to colored plaster problems. Pigment loss from high oxidizer levels and UV exposure is eliminated by the use of permanently color-coated quartz. SunStone Select's proven, dazzling and brilliant colors are sure to enhance that special poolscape requiring a high-color finish.


One of the world's most exquisite pool finishes. SunStone Pearl is a unique new formulation that combines delicately small, hand-selected pebble aggregates with the white colored Portland cement to create a finish that feels as smooth as the refined surface of the precious pearl. Beautiful and durable, SunStone Pearl will continue to refresh and soothe for years.

With its colorfast ceramic pigments, SunStone Pearl offers what other surfacing materials can't...limitless flexibility in poolscape design. And it's an ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications. What's more, SunStone Pearl is one of the industry's easiest finishes to install, adapting to traditional or sprayed application

SunStone Pearl delivers a high level of etch resistance which maintains the deep colors of its variegated aggregates.


Let your pool become a far away, sunlit, South Seas lagoon. CrystalStones® is a natural pebble pool finish with unparalleled beauty that’s available in a unique array of colors. Each individual stone used in the CrystalStones® formula has been specially selected for its size, smoothness and luster - leaving a wondrous surface that is breath taking. It's a magnificent alternative to traditional plaster surfaces.

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